Leading copper foil companies raise product prices, market demand is expected to gradually pick up

时间2021/7/29 20:16:09
Following the increase in the price of copper clad laminates in early November After that, on November 20, Kingboard issued another copper foil price increase letter. As a leader in the industry, Kingboard has raised its copper foil quotation or has a certain guiding and exemplary role for the industry. As a functional key basic raw material for the electronics manufacturing industry, copper foil is mainly used in lithium-ion batteries, printed circuit boards (PCB) and other fields. With the commercialization of 5G in China, the number of 5G base station antennas has increased significantly, which will drive the explosion of demand for high-frequency and high-speed copper clad laminates and PCBs. As the demand for copper foil picks up, companies in the industry are expected to benefit.




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