Xinfeng xiangda electronic co., LTD. Was established in 2006. We are a high-tech enterprise producing single, double panel, multilayer circuit board and FPC soft board

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       The company has a variety of advanced production equipment, high-quality engineering and technical personnel, as well as the increasingly perfect management and service system.The company since its inception, and constantly introduce the Japan, Germany, Taiwan and other regions of advanced production equipment and production technology, the specialty is engaged in the production of high technical content, strict quality of single and double panels, multilayer circuit boards, products widely used in LED lighting, computer, medical, communication, aviation, instrumentation, bluetooth headset module, microelectronics and automation control technology;And with Hong Kong and Taiwan, the mainland, the United States, Japan and southeast Asia many electronic manufacturers to establish a wide range of business, won the customer's praise, and in the market has a considerable reputation, become many large manufacturers long-term designated circuit board service suppliers.With 30000 square meters workshop and modern production line, we can professionally produce the circuit board with the quality of 2 to 20 stories, and the monthly output is 30,000 square meters.

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      The products comply with IEC, IPC, DIN, MIN standards, UL certification, eu SGS lead-free product certification, through iso-9001, iso-14001 and other quality system certification.

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